the delicious lands in france, yet i’m troubled…

19 05 2009


So Robert Pattinson (known as “Le Délicieux” in France) arrived in Cannes yesterday looking as pale and self-deprecating as usual. But yes, he’s still my boo.

Hmm…as I’ve said before, the hair is really starting to aggravate me. I mean, I would celebrate with naked times in it, but then I’d have to send it back to the unicorn dimension it truly belongs in.

Here’s Rob trying to keep the majesty at bay…





It kinda reminds me of Binky the Clown…



some fail…just cuz it’s monday

18 05 2009

Here’s something random for you today:

I like to see FAILs because it’s so much more funner (grammar fail) than seeing WINs–unless you’re one of those weird pseudo-hippie glitter heads, in which case, this is for you:


Wow…did I just make up an entire new social group?  If you’re a  “weird pseudo-hippie glitter head,” could you please let me know?

Anyway, in honor of this truly wretched Monday, here’s a big, fat FAIL!  Suck on it!

creed boasts comeback…in other news, cricket chirping is suddenly on the increase…

6 05 2009


I don’t like Creed. I especially don’t like the fact that they’re kicking of their yawn-tacular tour in my hometown of Pittsburgh. It makes my tots shrivel just thinking about Scott Stapp and his fugness. Dude’s about as relevant as my arse.

What I do like, however, is the excellent article Spin did about Creed rearing it’s ugly head. Check it OUT!