The Editor is a truly amazing writer, producer, director, actor, gaffer, lover, mime, chef, juggler, philanthropist, musician, amateur neuro-surgeon, spelunker, celebrity, and tight-rope walker.

She also has a fabulous imagination and the tendency to compulsively lie.

She went to a private high school, where she learned to do all kinds of public high school things, but in a really private way.  After graduation, The Editor decided to go to Slippery Rock University where she majored in Literature, thus sealing her fate to be pompous yet unemployed for the rest of her days.

She maintains this blog and other random creative pursuits as a means to waylay the tedium of an otherwise vanilla-flavored life.

She enjoys any music she can dance (badly) to and any movie that makes her laugh.  Her current addictions are Starbucks frappes and pretending to be British.

The Editor lives in the burbs of the ‘Burgh with her spanking new husband and a beta named Doggie.


3 responses

12 08 2009
Mary Louise

I love your blog! I stumbled on it while looking up some eh hem… RPats info. I’m going to have to book mark you. You have a really entertaining writing voice.

7 02 2009

Hey how come you don’t say who you are??? put your pretty face to it and flaunt it! heheh , I will be a avid reader of myhatertots.

6 02 2009
Malice In Wonderland

She also enjoys talking about herself in third person and stealing candy from Children.

PS: I would have proposed, but…

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