ron weasley had swine flu

6 07 2009

Rupert Grint

So apparently Rupert Grint had a spot of the old A(H1N1) virus, known the world over as (dum dum DUM!) swine flu.

And now I shall say something to tie this random fact in with the Harry Potter series, because as we all know, Grint is one of the stars of the film adaptations:


Someone call Madame Pomfrey!

Swine flu curses at Hogwarts?

Somehow I blame Draco Malfoy!

And I’m over it.

Rupert Grint, who has one of the most British names in all of Britaindom, is perfectly fine.  He just had to spend a few days in bed.  The hubbub from the press will undoubtedly last much longer.

But here’s a question to pick your brain…

Do you think the Harry Potter franchise (merch, movies, and amusement park) will gradually lose steam now that the books are over?  I don’t know, tots.  Kids have a pretty short attention span.



3 07 2009

michael-jackson31 hotdog

Hello Tots!

My, how the time does fly! It’s been so long since I’ve posted and yes, I have heard about it and yes, I have been publicly flogged in the streets for my negligence. So…bygones?

I wish we could all sit together with a lovely cup of tea and discuss what has been happening in your lives, my life, and the world since my last post. But since hosting a world-wide Hatertots Summit is sort of out of my budget at the moment (hey, there’s a recession people!), we’ll just have to communicate via the blog. That’s not so bad, right? A bit one-sided though.

Let’s see…*taps finger on chin* what have I been up to…

Oh yes, I got married. So there’s that.

Marriage is fun, challenging, a real headache, and a real joy–all wrapped up in crazy. I will probably post a little about the trials and triumphs of the dreaded first year as the muse strikes, so be prepared. Also, PLEASE comment and share your experiences as well!

Michael Jackson died. If you haven’t heard *rolls eyes*. The bright side is that I’ve totally rediscovered the artist’s vast collection of amazing music. The downside is I’ve been forced to revisit my disappointment in the man. But what can you do, right?

Farrah Fawcett also died. I don’t have much to say about this, as I’m a child of the 80’s as opposed to the 70’s, and therefore I don’t know much about her (the hair, of course, notwithstanding). But I know that she bravely fought for her life, and I can do nothing but respect that.

Robert Pattinson is “dating” eleventy billion different actresses and models.

And Nathan’s Beef Franks were voted the best-tasting hot dogs on Yahoo’s Shine.

So there it is. I shall wrap this up for now, my lovely Tots. You remain the light of my life. Stay hatin’.

guess what you got in your easter basket…

13 04 2009

Some chocolate flavored tots and (du du DUM)…..a polar bear attack!

The Daily Mail reports that: She was bitten by one of the four older polar bears in the enclosure and not by the famous Knut, who took Germany by storm as a cub after he was hand-raised by a keeper.
It is not known why the woman pulled the dangerous stunt but she initially appeared to be elated as she swam towards a bear in the enclosure.

Oh, those crazy Germans! 

Enjoy, kids. And Happy Easter!

there are no words…

3 04 2009


Such a horrible, tragic situation:

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – A gunman opened fire on a room where immigrants were taking a citizenship exam in downtown Binghamton on Friday, killing as many as 13 people before committing suicide, officials said.

Our earnest thoughts and prayers are with each and every victim and law enforcement official affected by this senseless act of violence.

Please, people, we have to share this world.  Can’t we be a bit kinder?

Click HERE for the full story.

in the nooz: madonna, crabs, and legal weed (not necessarily in that order)

27 03 2009


I like to keep my tots informed, so here’s a collection of headlines that are especially important and relevant to your life:

1.  Your crabs are NOT as happy as you think they are…

2.  Hungry? Why not cook some toilet sausage?

3. Take that Angelina! Madonna is adding to her child army!

4.  Dude, Obama just totally killed my buzz…

in the nooz: guys give giant cock&bull story about “killer” shark

13 03 2009
2004, Bahamas --- Tiger Sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier), Northern Bahamas --- Image by © Stuart Westmorland/CORBIS

2004, Bahamas --- Tiger Sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier), Northern Bahamas --- Image by © Stuart Westmorland/CORBIS

Some dudes got their 15min via  The Early Show wah-wahing about how they were “forced” to shoot and kill a tiger shark while spearfishing.

Of course, they got it all on tape. Apparently Casey Affleck was there, just in case. The shark said, “I got a million dollars in the bank, what have you got, bitch?” And the divers were like, “A spear, bitch!”

But all joking aside, the tiger shark is an endangered species, and maybe if they tried, oh I dunno, getting out of the freaking water, they wouldn’t have to struggle for TWO HOURS to bring it down. The shark was not attacking them, it was drawn by the energy and blood trail it sensed from the struggling fish. Any spear fisherman knows that sharks are almost a guaranteed hazard of their hobby/trade. What these guys did was completely uncalled for. Check out some of the comments left on the CBS News message board:

I spearfish….that’s a load of crap….they shot that shark on purpose……I’ve been approach by sharks that size and basically if you leave them alone they leave you alone…..those guys are idiots…don’t listen to a word they say.

The other two bozos were able to freely swim from their boat to kill this curious shark – they were in no danger if they calmly left the water.

Just ask any surfer – they have almost all seen them cruise by and leave…

Here’s the LINK for the video. I don’t post the slaughter of any animal on my blog.

in the nooz: florida boy held captive and tortured in his home

17 02 2009

I seriously can’t decide what’s more disgusting…what was actually done to this poor boy, or the fact that one of his abusers was RELEASED after posting a $15,000 bond!!!

Only $15,000?! After what was apparently YEARS of torture and abuse??? The other man involved with the case was released on a $50,000 bond. That’s still not enough. They shouldn’t have been able to post bond at all!

According to authorities, the teen was brutally abused and held captive in his own home. Most recently, he’d been confined to a bathroom, locked from the outside and sealed with a piece of plywood over the window.

Tai-Ling Gigliotti and her boyfriend, Anton Angelo, were arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment last week. Gigliotti, 50, was released on a $15,000 bond.

By the time he escaped last week, the Florida boy had a broken forearm and scars, scabs and oozing wounds that investigators say mark years of abuse.

Hernando County Sheriff Richard Nugent called it “barbaric.”

To read the entire, sad story…click HERE

And people wonder why criminals are no longer afraid of our justice system…