11 03 2009

252 views today, BB’s!

How amazing is that?!

Keep comin’ back, you sexy thangs!

And speaking of which, here’s a little something from me to you, my loyal tots:






6 03 2009


Yesterday, got the highest number of unique views EVER! Thirty-two cheeky little monkeys came to take a gander at my tots! Not bad for a blog that’s only existed for about a month, eh?

You love the tots, BB’s, and we love you!

Thank you from the bottom of our frozen, black little heart!

Keep coming back for a fresh, steaming bowl of entertaining goodness!


revenge of the tots!

5 02 2009


Hello there!

So I decided to resurrect Hater Tots (kind of)–I’m sure the three of you who read it will be overjoyed!  This is (dum de dum) my hatertots.  So nice of you to drop by!

Please bear with me as I iron out the little snafoos and whatnots.  I promise to serve up a steaming bowl of arts, entertainment, fashion, music, and of course, my amazing rants and raves!  So come back and get some, my lovelies!  It’s gonna be a good time.