the post where i have to lay a little truth about KStew on some hard-core fans…

13 08 2009


Sometimes, every so often, I feel the need to bend some of you tots over my knee and give ya a little spankaroo. Try to control your titillation. What I mean is, ever since I posted certain harmless theories about KStew putting the crock-pot on high (my current fave euphemism for smoking weed), I’ve received several comments that range from silly to straight-up denial:

She is under a lot of pressure from fans.

omg these people are stupid for trying to make kirsten and robert look bad i should kill them because there just jelous of them on how popular thwy are and how cute they make asa couple haha u losers.

how stupid are you people….thats not even kristen
god man, have some sense

(And my all-time personal favorite)

almost half the people in the untied states ethier smoke pot or sell it so get off her back sheis a great actor… and pot isnt that bad i mean really its not like its coke..

I heart you guys. Seriously. You make my flipping life. And in the words of dan-_yell_uh!!: pass that shit kristen… tee-hee


robert pattinson alert!

20 02 2009

The Delicious will be presenting an award at the Oscars ceremony on Sunday.

Okay, I’m gonna say it…sometimes when I look at recent pics of Robert “The Delicious” Pattinson, I’m kind of reminded of Joaquin Phoenix. It’s the look in the eyes, I think. Brooding might be a good term for it.

robp joaquin_phoenix2

But heck, they also look  pretty baked!

Sorry, ladies, but Robert Pattinson always looks like he just got out of his cousin’s van. You know, the one with the giant wizard painted on it? Or like he’s been pulling a Michael Phelps, if ya know what I mean? Maybe like he’s a proud member of the cannabis club?   *elbows you* Eh? Eh?

Maybe he picked up the habit from Kristin Stewart?


Anyhow, it was just an observation. He’s still pretty nummers. And I’ll totally be, at least kind of, watching the Academy Awards (or “AA’s” as I like to call them–it seems strangely more accurate…) to see The Delicious, which is really the whole point, right?