harry’s hair makes me mad

16 07 2009

This…THIS…is just so unfortunate. Observe:


And you say, “Yeah, it’s the poster for the new fantazamalistic Harry Potter flick.  So?”

“But look at the HAIR!” I screech, throwing my mimosa into the face of a scantily-clad cabana boy.

Because the Potter hair, my poolside loving tots, is more tragic than the death of Albus Dumbledore.  Seriously.  It looks like my Dad’s haircut circa 1983.  With every movie, it seems to get worse!

Listen up Warner Brothers, *sits up in her lounge chair and removes her sunglasses for emphasis*  I’m gonna let you in on a little secret:  sexy, careless hair sells.  Um, helllllooooo…

Robert-Pattinson-as-Cedric-Diggory Meh.

robert-pattinson Mwah 😉

Harry was actually IN a forest with a unicorn!  Why can’t he HAVE a unicorn forest?  On his head.


about that delicious pic…

13 03 2009

So everyone’s been asking me why I haven’t posted about Robert Pattinson (aka “The Delicious”) gracing the cover of the latest GQ.

Here’s the pic:


Now I’ll tell you why I haven’t mentioned it: I do not care for this picture. I think The Delicious’ beautiful face somehow looks like an upside-down triangle:


I have to say it (and I’ll probably be crucified for this)…I’m over the hair. Yep. The hair is dead to me.