ron weasley had swine flu

6 07 2009

Rupert Grint

So apparently Rupert Grint had a spot of the old A(H1N1) virus, known the world over as (dum dum DUM!) swine flu.

And now I shall say something to tie this random fact in with the Harry Potter series, because as we all know, Grint is one of the stars of the film adaptations:


Someone call Madame Pomfrey!

Swine flu curses at Hogwarts?

Somehow I blame Draco Malfoy!

And I’m over it.

Rupert Grint, who has one of the most British names in all of Britaindom, is perfectly fine.  He just had to spend a few days in bed.  The hubbub from the press will undoubtedly last much longer.

But here’s a question to pick your brain…

Do you think the Harry Potter franchise (merch, movies, and amusement park) will gradually lose steam now that the books are over?  I don’t know, tots.  Kids have a pretty short attention span.