dakota fanning gives me night terrors: new moon volturi pics!

28 08 2009

Check it out, Twitards!  (Don’t hate, I count myself amongst ya.)

Dakota Fanning is freaking rocking.my.socks as Jane!  I mean, she’s always been creepy (I still have terrifying “Creasy Bear” nightmares)—but day-um homegirl has taken it to a whole new level!

It’s the eyes, I think.  No one’s home.  And the Mary Janes, which has always been the preferred footwear of criminally insane children.   If she hadn’t become an actress, she would have made a great serial killer.



Red eyes! Red gloves!  Oh my!

Click HERE for more Volturi goodness!


the horror!

14 08 2009

The new Twilight Barbie Dolls are easily the most terrifying things I’ve seen in a long-ass time.  They make my tots pucker and shrivel.



jackson rathbone. oh yeah, he’s kinda a hottie.

27 03 2009


Why, hello Jackson Rathbone!

Maybe it was just cuz all his character, Jasper Hale,  did in the first movie (and if you’re saying “what movie?” then you get a spanking) was hang around and look nervous/mortified, but Jackson Rathbone may be the most overlooked actor in the whole Twilight hoopla.

411 on Jackson Rathbone:  He’s in a band with the very unfortunate name of “100monkeys.”  Wonder if they’re any good?  He was also a guest star on The O.C. and Close To Home.  Oh, and he has a sweet name and seriously intense green eyes!

I came across these pictures of JRath? JBone? JackBone? (teehee)…and wow.  Nummy num num!  Yes, I am feeling a little naughty today, tots.  It’s Friday, after all!

Check out the pics while I take a cold shower…





guess who got their twilight on??? (update)

21 03 2009

So I just got home from standing in line for a couple fun-filled hours to get my copy of Twilight.  I’m one happy tot!

Got a free tote!

I’ll be posting pictures soon!

crowd The huge crowd at FYE…one of three parties we witnessed–all totally packed!

meedward1 Me & a cardboard Delicious…sigh….

meedward2 I’m sweeping Edward off his feet!  Okay, it was like 2am and we were all a little loopy…

what i’m listening to: muse

9 03 2009


Larger than life, symphonic, bombastic, and dangerously eccentric, Muse is a band for the ages.

And I’m seriously addicted!

Muse has made a gigantic impression over seas, hailing from the UK, but the band’s made quite an impression here in the states as well.  They actually played opening gigs for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters in the late 90’s, when their grandious 1996 album (and my personal favorite) Black Holes and Revelations took both Europe and the US by storm.

Muse’s 2008 release, HAARP is also an almost criminally monumental effort.  Think mixing in the brilliance of Queen with a dash of Radiohead, and maybe some pyrotechnics thrown in just to keep it interesting. The band was the first ever to sell out London’s Wembley Stadium, and they did it twice.  Listening to HAARP, a live CD/DVD combo from these performances, you begin to appreciate that Muse may have finally found an arena big enough for the band’s ambitious sound.

If you’re in the mood for taking a trip beyond the mundane, look no farther than Muse.

Check out “Super Massive Black Hole” live at Wembley Stadium! (Yes, this was *ahem* featured on the Twilight soundtrack.) Loves it to death!

robert’s one night in paris? the apocolypse cometh!

25 02 2009

robertp paris-hilton-digging

Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, NO!

Could The Delicious have mingled with the dreaded Hilton succubus?!

We have it on good authority (and by “authority” I mean Lainey Gossip) that Robert Pattinson spent time…alone…in a garden…with…(shudder)…Paris Hilton! My tots have shriveled up and fallen off.

Did she use her evil crabs to entrance him? The answer is obviously yes. I mean, how else could you explain it? It couldn’t be conversation. P.H.’s idea of conversation is ramming her tongue in your ear and grabbing all your no-no zones at once!

After the Oscars, The D went to the A-listers only Vanity Fair party. The fug-fest known as Paris was of course, not invited. The last time girlfriend saw an A-list was in the free clinic’s alphabetized STD pamphlet. “A” is for anal warts. Or so I’ve heard.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, The D was chatted up by Natalie Portman. Now, I can bow out gracefully to Natalie Portman. She’s smokin’, plus she’s got an army of wookies to back her up. So, well played, madame.

But then, later on the same night, The D went to the Patrick Whitesell party, where Paris was infecting all and sundry. She latched onto him like a fat kid on cake, and the two spent over an hour alone together. In the garden.  The garden!

I know, kids. It’s hard for me too. But the bright side is that The D left the party alone (guess Paris’ convo wasn’t exactly riveting. Shocking.) and hopped a plane to Tokyo, obviously to get as far away from the evil crab lady as he could. Actually, he went for the Japanese release of Twilight but what-ev.

I woke up this morning with a sad, empty feeling. Now I know why.

robert pattinson alert!

20 02 2009

The Delicious will be presenting an award at the Oscars ceremony on Sunday.

Okay, I’m gonna say it…sometimes when I look at recent pics of Robert “The Delicious” Pattinson, I’m kind of reminded of Joaquin Phoenix. It’s the look in the eyes, I think. Brooding might be a good term for it.

robp joaquin_phoenix2

But heck, they also look  pretty baked!

Sorry, ladies, but Robert Pattinson always looks like he just got out of his cousin’s van. You know, the one with the giant wizard painted on it? Or like he’s been pulling a Michael Phelps, if ya know what I mean? Maybe like he’s a proud member of the cannabis club?   *elbows you* Eh? Eh?

Maybe he picked up the habit from Kristin Stewart?


Anyhow, it was just an observation. He’s still pretty nummers. And I’ll totally be, at least kind of, watching the Academy Awards (or “AA’s” as I like to call them–it seems strangely more accurate…) to see The Delicious, which is really the whole point, right?